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Malaysia Tropical Bamboo Wholesale And Bamboo Material Supplier

Our forefather have been using such products thousand years ago, from basic tool like knife, chisel home, furniture to mega sailing boats. It’s all about sustainability or our environment carbon footprint, green house effect, renewable and environmental impact by using such products. It is a perfect substitute of timber resources that has long run into scarcity & economical viability.

We are down to earth no non sense bamboo products ambassador. Our bamboo products are accessible to all enthusiasts who wish to procure this highly versatile, resilient, flexible and weather proof product for home decoration and commercial furnishings and application. We provide complete start to end solution from creation, invention to installation all under one roof.

Our bamboo base are source from South East Asia tropical rain forest that is know for its high and density for tough and rugged use. The bamboo produce from this region edges over others for its strength and durability.
We take great pride in products quality control hence all our bamboo base product are carefully treated to enhance strength and to prevent future bug attack before delivery. All treated products have a life span over 10 years indoor.

We would like to share our love of bamboo with you. Take your time browsing through the information on the different varieties we offer for sale. If you decide bamboo is your choice to choose.

Finally, we would like to thank you very much for your kind interested in reading our website, do call or e-mail us for enquiries.
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