Bamboo belongs to the grass family, Gigantochloe, Scortechinii,
Bambusa Vulgaris, and Dendrocalamus Pendulus.
It is distinguished by the special structure of its stem,
or 'culm' the fact that it reaches full height in a short period,
its rapid rate of growth, and its singular flowering habit.
Bamboo does not flower annually.


Bamboo truly is a remarkable renewable resource.
It is centuries old material that has been and continue
to be used by over half the world's population for applications
as varied as food, shelter, fuel and clothing.
These application make bamboo a vital non-timber, non-pelroleum resource.
With a ensile strength superior to steel,
it is one of the most versatile and durable natural resources in the world.


Bamboo plays an important rolein the reductions of timber consumption,
environmental and forest protection,
poverty alleviation, and sustainable development or rural economies.
It's the fastest drawing canopy for the regreening of degraded lands and
release 35% more oxygen than equivalent timber stands.